The Canadian Wood Preservation Association was founded on November 20, 1979 in Vancouver, BC. The association was formed to provide a forum and focal point for all people interested in the various aspects of wood preservation, from the producer of pressure-treated poles to the building scientist concerned with decay in leaky buildings. All are dedicated to the conservation of Canada’s greatest and most valuable naturally renewable resource, it’s forest products. With Canada’s expanding interest and diversification in wood products and with it’s expertise in research and development, the CWPA provides a common meeting ground for professional and social discussion.

38th Annual Meeting

Anticipating our biggest meeting ever, join with as many as a hundred peers from the around the wood preservation industry. We will have speakers, guests and networking with academia, government, associations, suppliers, producers, users, distributors, consultants and allied industries. The session will focus on all aspects of what the future of industrial preserved wood products will look like in Canada. The conference will be held consecutively with the meetings of Wood Preservation Canada (for members) and CSA A366 Committee of Wood Preservation (for committee members).