Membership Benefits

Membership of the association is open to any person with an interest in the field.  Please note that CWPA memberships are individual and non-transferable.

  • Technical Data
    The Association has immediate access to a wide-ranging field of technical information on all aspects of wood preservation.
  • Newsletters
    The Association publishes a annual newsletter to provide members with up-to date Information on issues facing the wood preservation industry.
  • Annual Convention
    The Association holds its Convention in Autumn of each year, its location alternating between Eastern and Western Canada. The two day, internationally acclaimed conference invites international speakers to present papers on topical aspects of wood preservation such as environmental issues, and latest advances in new preservatives and application technology. Members are eligible for a free copy of Conference Proceedings.

Membership Types


$175 per year
  • Designed for persons  engaged in one or more aspects of wood preservation as their primary working activity
  • Can vote at General Meetings and can serve on the Board of Directors of the CWPA
  • Receive newsletters and the annual Proceedings
  • Pay a reduced attendance fee for the Annual Meeting
  • Typical activities include: manufacturing and/or developing wood preservative chemicals or methods, operating and/or designing wood treatment facilities, investigating wood decay mechanisms in a research facility (excluding post graduate students), consulting on the use of preserved wood, inspecting preserved wood and brokering preserved lumber

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$25 per year
  • Extended to students in institutes of higher learning undertaking an appropriate course of study or research
  • Student Members are usually enrolled in MSc or PhD programs, although interested undergraduate students are encouraged to avail themselves of this type of membership
  • Student Members have the same rights and privileges as Regular Members, except that they cannot vote at meetings nor hold any office in the Association

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